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My name is Kika and I am a full-time Illustrator out of Seoul, Korea! ♥ Follow me to see my art or peek into my brain and see what inspires me ~xoxo


Ask me anything

fuckpugs: I just wanted to say I love your artwork very much, and out of respect, rather than just getting it done, wanted to ask if you had any issue with people getting your designs tattooed?

No issues at all!  I just ask for you to hashtag #misskika and just let people know who the artist is if you share online so they know who did the original work :D  I LOVE tattoos, it is a huge compliment for me as an artist to hear someone is getting one of my work.

senshiqueen: Hi MissKika! As you remember, I ordered your beautiful tunic a few weeks ago. I was just wondering what the date might be that it would arrive? I saw it said awaiting shipment on the order listing, but I wanted to hear directly from you.

Sorry I just saw this since I dont use tumblr often :)  they are shipping out this month!  I’m starting to process orders this week, expect things to get moving next week for sure!  You will get a mail from storenvy once your shirt has shipped <3  thank you for waiting and I hope you enjoy it!

scaredycatpannickattack: I saw your sailor moon piece opening night and it was by far the most popular one, gorgeous work!

Aw thank you so much!!  Working on a chibiusa right now for another show :) I will be in the next qpop event as well (negora custom) if you are interested please do follow my instagram (misskika) or facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/misskika.art  for new artwork and updates <3 <3 <3  Im releasing a silkscreen edition of the usagi piece as well on my storenvy!

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